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Women's Ministry


New Life Church’s ministry to women exists
to help women delight in God through Jesus
and engage others to do the same.

Women's Ministry is all about helping women connect with God and each other. We are in the sweet spot of doing both when we are in God's word together. To help us do that, we take a layered approach to connecting which is simple, flexible, accessible, and has something for everyone. Each layer can stand alone but grows sweeter when combined with the others, and none of them takes a lot of time. So, what are the layers?

1. ROOTED in God's Word

We have monthly resources available to help you personally dig into a Bible "book of the month." Simple and useful.

2. ONE-to-ONE Bible Reading

Not only can you read God’s Word on your own, but we encourage you to read and discuss the "book of the month" with another woman over the course of a month. Choose a friend, a neighbor, a younger woman or an older woman, someone new or an old-timer. Meet with someone different every month or stick with someone longer term. You can even ask us to match you up. You can meet over the phone, over coffee, over Skype, even at church, on evenings, or weekends, or nap time, or anytime. Flexible and impactful.

3. 1st Thursday CONNECT

Our monthly gathering is called 1st Thursday CONNECT. Each first Thursday evening, we meet in the New Life Church basement for food, fun, meaningful activities, plus Bible teaching from some of our own women. Relaxing and purposeful.

4. Special Events

Women's Ministry also has occasional special events, such as SHARE the JOY, our Christmas gathering.

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