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Czech Republic Team Update #2
Update from Justin Schroeder for the Czech Team:

I honestly don't know how to even put this week into words. I'm absolutely overwhelmed at what God has done here. So I'll try to break it down a bit.

-Camp starts--always a bit of awkwardness, as is the usual, but I agree with Annie who said "it was the most un-awkward Awkward Day I've ever had." The team instantly began meshing with the students, making them feel at home, and getting to know each other real quick. It's always a puzzle as to how to divide students into class (you want a good balance--everyone being assigned to an appropriate level but also to a proper proportion of team member/students),  but after testing the English, the classes seemed to just divide themselves perfectly!

-Camp continues--English classes run smoothly, the Americans have come well-prepared and are KILLING IT with their lessons! Students are learning, and over the course of the week have become more open, comfortable, and downright crazy enough to participate in our American shenanigans, and each day I hear more and more laughter echoing through this campsite in the morning. Good stuff.

-Discussion groups-- They are never easy at first, but each class has had moments of students opening up, asking questions about Jesus, and realizing things they never knew before. The classes have become like families, and each has its own environment of trust and security, and this opens many doors for healthy discussions about Christ! This week we've talked about Peter-- his relationship with Jesus has been SO  interesting-- the way he wrestles with faith, disappointment, friendship, rejection, betrayal, forgiveness, restoration. It's so human. It has enabled a way to paint perfectly a picture of God's grace and how the Gospel has the power to change lives.

And it does.

I wrote a couple days ago saying that yesterday was Gospel day. I tell ya, it started as a frenzy... so much going on beginning right at 7am. Lots of things to set up, general camp-ness to run (including a sushi workshop, aw yeah!), meetings and practices and this, that, everything. But when we got to evening program, everything just ran so smoothly! The campers were engaged, the Gospel message was preached uninterrupted, and when we did the labyrinth- students spent longer in there than I've ever seen before! Many came out crying or wanting to talk to someone.. We had a tea room set up and team members (Czech and American) sat, talked, and prayed with many of the students. Lots had questions, many wanted to know more about this God and how they could have a relationship, and others who previously were unsure where they stood wanted to just sell all out for Christ.

We don't do altar calls here. I don't know if anyone was saved last night. To be honest, I think I've only been to two or three camps (of 8) where someone made the decision AT camp. But isn't that cool in a way? We don't go for that emotional, "camp high" vibe. We're talking to a culture that really contemplates things, that really takes spirituality seriously, and who want to truly choose for themselves if they want to follow Him--and this choice really is life or death for them. And to tell the truth, the results of such a mindset are so much more deep, more evident, and more meaningful than a lot of what we see in the States. I think we as Americans have something to learn from them.
 Much of the fruit will come after camp, maybe December, may March, maybe in 2017. But I tell you, it happens. Last night was an incredible start for so many, and amazing progress for others. I've yet to hear from many of the conversations that were had, but I already heard that several students prayed for the very first time, cried out to God asking Him to show Himself to them. (I was just informed several students committed to start reading the Bible, some describing a total life change, and much more) I am 100% confident that much Kingdom change for the Czech Republic is going to come from this week alone, praise God for that!!

So, long story short: Gospel night = huge success. So, much to be praising God for, and praying that the seeds that were planted will bear much fruit in the coming years!

And it doesn't stop here! We've yet one more night, one last discussion group with students, and then FOLLOW UP! We get to go back to their town, where we work to get everyone plugged into this local church and youth group, and the camp will continue all year long.

This hasn't all been one cake walk. We're tired. Very tired. Sam got sick for a bit but champed through it like a.. well like a champ! There are days where literally nothing goes the way we had planned it that morning, but  one of the first rule of missions: Be adaptable. If you get upset when things don't go the way YOU planned, well you're in the wrong business--God has His own plans and it's by this faith that we operate! And when the curve balls come our way, the team, and I mean the WHOLE team, has handled them with such grace and flexibility that the camp has been able to run so smoothly.

Speaking of camp running smoothly, I can't tell you all enough how thankful I am for the team we have. I honestly can say I've never seen a better crew of Americans out here. I'm dead serious about that. I'm not the only one either, the Czechs have been blown away, and a couple of our JV bosses came to visit yesterday and said the same. The way they're willing to do anything necessary, the way they reach out to students and build relationships even when they're so tired... the way they go with the flow and bring the energy and the fun that supercharges this camp, or just the boldness to share Christ in any circumstance... it's crazy! Exceeding expectations of all sorts. And the Czechs, oh the Czechs, the same can be said for them too! Such a solid group of young adults stepping up in faith to lead. Amongst the leaders, we've done many camps before, and we agree this one has been one of, if not the most, solid camps we ever saw.

Personal note: who would've thunk it; speaking at night has been so much fun!! I had no idea!! What was I so scared about?? So yeah, thank the Lord that actually turned out pretty well. It was seriously a blast, and most of that was because my translator Paja (pronounced Pie-uh.. umm.. yeah phonetics make that look silly..)  was so awesome. After the second night, we both were so surprised at how much joy speaking together gave us! Thank you all for your prayers for that!

Please be praying for the team as we move on to follow up- for the last-chance conversations, for those students who won't be at follow up, and for connections to be made between the Americans and their host families. Some will be going to the homes of students, others to the Czech team, and a few of us will stay with the leaders. Pray for a fruitful time as we minister to these guys from right where they live! It's gonna be awesoooommmme!!!!!

Please continue to pray for health and safety of the team. Camp may be over, but there is much craziness yet to come.

So, English Camp 2013: success. Beyond words.

Thank you all for taking part in this ministry through your prayers-- and keep them up, we're not done yet!

update: between the time I started this email (this morning), and the time I completed it (tonight), one student has decided to give her life to Christ. Whoa!

Pension pod Vlekem, our amazing camp location! Pray for the owner, Ivo. He's been so awesome to us, and has even been listening in on the talks at night
Craft time!

Tea time...

Prayer for "Gospel Night" and Czech Mission Team
Here is a prayer request/update from the Czech Republic Mission Team:

I plan to send a nice big update tomorrow, full of adventures and stories and general camp greatness, but due to time zones and schedules and who knows what else, I wanted to ask you all to start praying for tomorrow. I know you're all only digesting lunch, but at this very moment most groups are still in discussion, and then we're off to bed. 

Nay, we're off to hide in a dark forest, and then off to bed.

Anyways, tomorrow is a big day. This whole week we've been talking about Jesus and Peter, laying a foundation for presenting the Gospel, and tomorrow is what this all builds up to--Gospel night. The talk will be where the Gospel is presented in full, but instead of "alter call" type stuff, the students go through a "labyrinth", basically a station-by-station breakdown on the things learned this week, allowing for them to process and internalize on their own (this is a much better approach with the Czech culture). 

Anyways, start praying now, if you would. Many students are asking questions! Last night, I talked for a couple hours with the hotel owner who has been listening in on the night talks. Others are hearing these things for the very first time. All these students (or hotel staff) need prayer. Tomorrow is just a big day in general--lots going on (including the big setup of this labyrinth), so that's why I write to you all now. 

God has been SO good to us this week, and I'm so so excited to tell you more! For now, I must go hide in a forest. You know how camp goes.
Prayer for Missions
Several months ago Agnes Spidal gave me an article from E.M. Bounds about the role of prayer in missions.  I remember reading it and being convicted.  Then the article sat on my desk under a pile until last week when I cleaned off my desk.  This simple article, convicted me again and I knew I needed to share it with others.  I brought it to our Global Outreach Committee meeting last week and it encouraged us to be in prayer that the Lord would send laborers into His harvest field from New Life Church.  If you would like to read some of Bounds' stuff on prayer you can click here.  The chapter on prayer in missions is chapter 13.  You can click on it on the left side of the page.

For now, I'll just give you a few quotes that really inspired me:

The Spirit of Jesus Christ is the spirit of missions. Our Lord Jesus Christ was Himself the first missionary. His promise and advent composed the first missionary movement. The missionary spirit is not simply a phase of the Gospel, not a mere feature of the plan of salvation, but is its very spirit and life. The missionary movement is the Church of Jesus Christ marching in militant array, with the design of possessing the whole world of mankind for Christ. Whoever is touched by the Spirit of God is fired by the missionary spirit.

The key of all missionary success is prayer. That key is in the hands of the home churches. The trophies won by our Lord in heathen lands will be won by praying missionaries, not by professional workers in foreign lands. More especially will this success be won by saintly praying in the churches at home. The home church on her knees fasting and praying, is the great base of spiritual supplies, the sinews of war, and the pledge of victory in this dire and final conflict. Financial resources are
not the real sinews of war in this fight. Machinery in itself carries no power to break down heathen walls, open effectual doors and win heathen hearts to Christ. Prayer alone can do the deed.

Is the harvest great? Are the labourers few? Then “pray ye the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into his harvest.” Oh, that a great wave of prayer would sweep over the Church asking God to send out a great army of labourers into the needy harvest fields of the earth!
Slovenia Mission Prayer Request
Wes Rogers wrote requesting prayer for this evening's gospel presentation at English Camp in Slovenia:

Tonight is gospel presentation night. Kids will be hearing that the Bible is relevant to today's choices. And that God loves them and is greater than their problems. Kids will be challenged to choose Jesus as the answer. Pray that our speaker Jim will have clarity of thought and words, the Slovene translators will have wisdom in choosing words, that kids will take steps towards God, some even choosing to follow Jesus, and that Satan will be pushed far away from camp!

Pray 10 am to 4 pm Portland time, 7pm to 1 am our time. GOD has been at work and tonight will be a life changing time for us all! Thanks for praying.
Bibles for Sunset Neighborhood!
I am blogging this afternoon to request prayer for a local mission adventure:

This past fall we were able to begin a neighborhood Bible study with three other believing couples. The Lord did a good work in our marriages and in our relationships with each other. This spring the group has begun to pray that the Lord would use us to reach out to other families in our neighborhood with the good news of Jesus Christ. We have three social events on the calendar this summer to allow people to come and meet our group and hear the vision for the Sunset Neighborhood Bible Study. We have started a Facebook group and have begun inviting other families to participate.

About a month ago God gave our son Hudson (7 years old) a vision to give a Bible to every home in our neighborhood (over 800 homes). His idea was to have a series of bake sales to raise the money for the Bibles. Two weeks ago he had his first bake sale and raised over $300 for Bibles. We found an organization that would sell us Bibles for $1 each if we bought at least 240 Bibles. So, last week we ordered our first 288 Bibles and the six huge boxes are sitting in our living room. Hudson composed a letter that he wants to insert in each of the Bibles inviting people to read the Bible and to join with others in studying the Bible. We are planning to go out tonight for our first round of passing out Bibles. Would you pray for us as you read this blog? Here are some things to pray:

1. Pray that we would boldly embrace the ministry of reconciliation that God has given to us (2 Cor. 5:18-20).

2. Pray that we would be protected from the evil one (Matthew 6:13).

3. Pray that God may open a door for our message (Colossians 4:3).

Pray that God would remove the blinders from the eyes of unbelievers that they might see the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ (2 Cor. 4:4-6).

Pray that people would come to faith as the read the word of Christ (Romans 10:17).

Thanks so much!

Why A Week of Prayer? (Part 1)
On June 4-8 New Life Church will be having a week of prayer. We will gather at each of our three locations over the course of this week to seek God together (look for more info. in the coming days about the schedule). Maybe you are asking, why would a church do a week of prayer? Or, better yet, why should I be involved in my church's week of prayer? Let me give you three quick answers that I think will cover both of those questions:

  1. We pray because God tells us to. (Ephesians 6:18, Colossians 4:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:17)
  2. We pray because it is good for us. (Psalm 100, Philippians 4:6-7)
  3. We pray because it accomplishes God's work in the world. (John 14:12-14)
Would you take a moment right now and put "Week of Prayer" on your calendar for June 4-8, and plan to spend time with your church family in prayer that week?
A Plan for Prayer
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. (Col 4:2 NIV)

The call of God on the life of a believer is clear. We all know that we should pray. We all know that we need to pray more. We all really want to be people who are devoted to prayer. But even knowing those things we often struggle to find time or to make time to actually pray. It seems to me that if any significant change is ever going to happen in our devotion to prayer we need a plan. More than likely you are not just going to wake up tomorrow morning, roll out of bed, and set the world on fire by the transformation of your prayer life if you have no plan. The truth is, if we don't make a plan, we will do things exactly the same as we did them yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

I thought I would encourage you today by sharing my plan with you. Plans don't have to be sophisticated. In fact, the simpler the better. My current plan has three parts:

1. Praying with the other pastors every Tuesday afternoon- When you share requests on your keeping in touch cards, those really do get prayed for every week by our pastors and elders. We also pray for each other and for other things concerning the church. This scheduled prayer time is an important part of my plan. Let me encourage you to find a couple of other people that you can schedule time to pray with on a regular basis.

2. Praying with folks from the Robinwood Congregation every 2nd and 4th Monday- We are convinced that God wants us to draw near to Him and ask for things like a child asks for things from his father. The scripture says, "you have not because you ask not". We are committed to drawing near to our Father and asking Him to move in powerful ways in our congregation. Would you be willing to carve out a few hours a month to pray with someone for the ministry context where God has place you?

3. Personal and Family Prayer- We try to spend time as a family talking to God each evening after some time in the scriptures. But when we are tired, it sure is good to have a plan for what we are going to talk about. Recently I have chosen a specific focus for personal and family prayers each day. It's not that we can't pray about other things that day, it just really helps me to have a plan. I'll list my categories for each day below. Maybe you'd like to chose different categories for your personal and family prayer time. Whatever you do, make a plan to pray!

Monday- Men. Praying for specific men in our church community to grow in Christ and develop into Godly leaders in their homes and in Christ's church.

Tuesday- Seizing the Time. Praying about things that God is doing in my world, through our church, in our community. Asking God what He is up to, asking Him to help us seize the time, to make the most of every opportunity, to do far beyond all we can ask or imagine in and through me, my family, and our church family.

Wednesday- World Missions. Praying for the missionaries that our family and our church family supports. Praying for unreached people groups and countries. Pray for opportunities for our church and for my family to be involved in bringing the gospel to the nations.

Thursday- Thankfulness. You might try having fun seeing how many things you can thank God for on Thankful Thursday!

Friday- Family. Praying mostly for immediate family, but also extended family.

Saturday- Salvations. Praying for people on our lives that don't yet know Jesus to come to know Him.

Sunday- Sermon. Obviously I am pretty motivated to pray on Sunday mornings. But Sunday mornings before church are a great time to pray for your church family and for how God might use you to build up the body of Christ at church that day.
Prayer Focus for the week of Sept. 4th
New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

Area Church: Lake Bible Church – Lake Oswego, OR, Pastor Jim Andrews

Global Partner: CB Northwest

NLC Ministry: Senior Adult Ministry
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Prayer Focus for the week of Sept. 12th
New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

Area Church: Gladstone First Baptist Church – Gladstone, OR, Pastor Brian Early
  • Pray that the fall kickoff and ministry fair, September 19, will rally the congregation of Gladstone First Baptist Church and get new people plugged in.
  • Pray that ministries starting back up this fall will be fruitful: Awana; youth; children’s ministry; preschool.
  • Pray that the young adult ministries will continue to solidify.
  • Pray that the college group will be led to a more specific vision.

Global Outreach Partner: Brian and Lavonne Buhler – South Asia
  • Pray for the provision of qualified employees to keep things running smoothly and help expand the business.
  • Pray for the replenishment of our work funds depleted by extra travel.
  • Pray for the growth and success of our business.
  • Pray for the kids education and LaVonne's homeschooling with Emily.

NLC Ministry: Celebrate Recovery
  • Pray that our Lord will continue to raise up and strengthen the leadership during Mike Polley's absence.
  • Pray that He would continue to maintain unity of purpose in carrying out His work in reaching current and future members of Celebrate Recovery.
  • Pray that they would all come to know Him and grow in their relationship with Jesus our Lord. 
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Prayer Focus for the week of Sept. 5th
As a church of prayer, New Life Church has a prayer focus each week. Our prayer focus is broken down into three categories of ministry: 1. We pray for another local church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2. We pray for a Global Outreach Partner who is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. 3. We pray for a ministry of New Life Church that is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally.

Area Church: Estacada First Baptist Church: Estacada, OR, Pastor Brent Dodrill
  • Pray for the purchase of a building down the street from the Estacada First Baptist Church building. The plan is for the youth of Estacada First Baptist to use the building on Wed nights, another Hispanic church to use it on Sunday morning, and the local Pregnancy resource Center to use it during the week.
  • Pray that the people of Estacada First Baptist will fully catch the vision of how this building can be a blessing to so many and how they can participate in that financially.
  • Pray for a spirit of cooperation and unity with all in involved.
  • Pray that for continued work in South Asia as the church plans for a mission trip next spring.
Global Outreach Partner: Rick and Mary Beth Holladay: Campus Crusade for Christ, Deutschland
  • Praise the Lord for 25 years of marriage.
  • Praise the Lord for a month of visiting in the states, particularly for a family reunion and the celebration of Mary Beth's mother's 80th Birthday.
  • Pray that the ministry of the arts will communicate God's love and inspire worship of our creator.
  • Pray that this ministry in southeast Germany will provide encouragement and guidance to artists.
NLC Ministry: Treasure Land Children's Ministry
  • Praise God for the growing number of children in Treasure Land.
  • Praise Him because children are learning their books of the Bible and praising God!
  • Praise Him that there are committed, godly teachers and assistant teachers who love these children and desire for them to know their Savior!
  • Pray for more people to serve children through Treasure Land.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will do His work in the lives of children and families impacted by the Treasure Land ministry. That they will learn what worship is all about and know WHO is the object of our worship; to learn about Him through His Word, to learn how to use His Word, to come to love His Word, and to become kids who treasure God!
  • Pray that the teachers/teaching assistants would also experience growth in their personal relationship with God.
  • Praise the Lord for the parents of these children who want their children to know the gospel and the awesome God who loves and saves.
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