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After a few scattered attempts at creating a podcast, we finally put the Weisses on it and immediately we have a podcast. Here is the link where you can find the New Life Church Podcast. It includes messages from both campuses of New Life Church.
What's in a Name?
A message from Exodus 20:1-2, 7 on January 31, 2010 by Pastor Aaron Orendorff.
Thou Shalt Not Murder
A message from Exodus 20:13 on January 24, 2010 by Pastor Travis Tadema.
The Law, Idolatry, and the Heart
A message from Exodus 20:4-6 on January 17, 2010 by Aaron Orendorff.
What The Law Isn't...
A message from Exodus 20:1-3 on January 10, 2010 by Aaron Orendorff.
Your Dream For Your Church Is Too Small
A Message from Acts 1:8 on January 3, 2010 by Scott Reavely
Treasuring God
Here is a message, Treasuring God, from December 27, 2009, on Philippians 3:4-14 by Scott Reavely. This message captures much of what New Life Church is about and what we mean when we talk about Treasuring God.
A Prophet Like Moses
A message from Deuteronomy 18:15-19, December 20, 2009 by Scott Reavely.

Some of the comparison between Jesus and Moses came from this website. It has even more than I had time to share in this message, complete with scripture references.
God Comes Down!
A message from Exodus 19, December 13, 2009 by Scott Reavely
The God Who Welcomes Outsiders
A message from Exodus 18:1-27, December 6, 2009 by Pastor Aaron Orendorff