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Nate Hanson on Mission to San Francisco
Nate Hanson is leaving this Friday to begin mission work with San Francisco City Impact. This organization is seeking to meet physical needs and share the good news of Jesus Christ in the Tenderloin District, one of the roughest neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Nate and the others on the team are tasked with going door to door in the many low income apartment buildings of the Tenderloin, asking for prayer requests and hoping to share the gospel. The eventual goal is to plant churches in each of the 586 apartment buildings in the Tenderloin.

So why would a young man from the suburbs want to give his life away doing mission work in such a hard place? You can read Nate's reasons for going and get on the email list for prayer updates by going to
Hot Rod Church!
Today I thought I would introduce you to Richy and Nicole Lagrange and the ministry they came to Portland to start... Hot Rod Church. Yep, you read that right. A little over a year ago the Lagrange family moved to Portland from Northern California to start a ministry that reaches out to families connected to the Hot Rod Community. Here is how Richy describes Hot Rod Church:

We are a group of Christian men and women with a passion for God, Family and classic car
s. Our drive is to utilize the blessings and gifts bestowed upon us by God to spread the TRUTH, LOVE his people, and make DISCIPLES of all nations.

And here is the Mission: Hot Rod Church for Sinners is a place where sinners come in and get transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are given the owner’s manual for life (The Bible) to equip them to be ambassadors of our Savior Jesus Christ.

So far, Nicole and Richy have promoted this ministry through setting up a booth at a car show, hosting a couple of meet and greets, and a facebook fan page. They hope to have Sunday worship services up and going in the near future. In the mean time the Lagranges have gotten involved at New Life Church by serving at Awana and on the worship team. If you'd like to find out how to get involved in Hot Rod Church, or just pray for the Lagrange family in this adventure, click on the link to their facebook page above.
New Life Church Wilsonville Grand Opening
New Life Church Wilsonville held their grand opening last Sunday, January 8, 2012. It was a great morning. One member wrote, "Sunday was an exciting day! It seemed like a long time coming, but God had His hand in every step of our preparations leading up to the grand opening."

We celebrated the new life that Jesus gives and the importance of remaining connected to him. Any new start, for a church or for a person comes from our connection to Jesus.
Afterwards we celebrated with a meal from Buster's BBQ. Everyone enjoyed it and ReGeneration got a little extra that evening, too.

We will be meeting there every Sunday at 10:00am. Please continue to pray for us.

Anyone is welcome. Please bring or send your friends!

Nine different churches contacted me and told me they were praying for us. Thank you all!
Combined Service this Sunday, April 3
Don't forget all of New Life Church is meeting together at the West Linn High School auditorium this Sunday, April 3rd at 10:00am.

I have been asked why we are combining both locations into one service. It costs us several hundred dollars to do this, and the offering, for some reason is generally lower than normal. So, why have a joint service?

We need to talk as a church about where we are going. We are faced with some choices about what we are going to believe and what we are going to do. What we do always stems from what we believe.

Our gathering this weekend stems from a meeting we had in Wilsonville with the team...

See you at 10:00 on Sunday.
10 Hundred Hours of Prayer

After the powerful response to December’s 5(hundred) Hours of Prayer, this coming Monday (February 1st) New Life Church will begin a new season of prayer focused on the upcoming (Fall 2010) Wilsonville Church Plant. As the logo indicates, this time around we’ll be aiming at reaching a cumulative total of 1,000 hours of prayer—i.e., “10 Hundred Hours.” This period of prayer will stretch from the beginning of February to Easter Sunday (April 4th). This will be the first of our prayer efforts for Wilsonville, but it won’t be the last.

Why Spend 10 Hundred Hours in Prayer?

Matthew 16:18
“. . . on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

At its core, church planting is a strategic and offensive engagement in the advancement of God’s kingdom. The ground we seek to take is far from neutral. It is hostile, enemy territory dominated by the powerful and gospel-blinding “god of this age ” (2 Cor. 4:4). Our aim is not to simply open a new or renovated building in which to sing songs, preach sermons, host events and invite the lost. Our aim is to see, as Jesus put it, the “ruler of this world cast out” (Jn. 12:31), to see the “strong man bound” and “to plunder his house” (Matt. 12:29).

In line with that aim we are beginning 10 Hundred Hours of Prayer with a focus on spiritual warfare. This Sunday you’ll find an insert in your bulletin (that will also appear on the blog) containing a scripted prayer to help guide you through Week 1. Most of that prayer will be taken from Ephesians 6:10-20 which begins by commanding its reader to “be strong in the Lord” and to “put on the whole armor of God.”

We hope you will join with us in this exciting and dangerous endeavor.
Exporting, Not Hoarding, Leaders
At last Saturday’s elders’ retreat we asked the question, “What does a ‘win’ in 2010 look like for New Life Church?” One the answers we surfaced was “exporting leadership.” What this means is that as church our goal, to borrow Scott Haugen’s phrase, can’t be to “just get fat.” Although it may sound backwards at first, taking a gospel-shaped view of leadership development means giving our leaders away in order to grow new and more developed ones. In reality, this is nothing more than the straightforward application of Matthew 16:25 to the area of leadership: “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

First of all, I love being part of a church whose spiritual leaders are fueled by the belief that the only way to gain something is to give it away. This conviction is one of the major reasons we spent so much time giving ourselves away last year in Oregon City. It’s also one of the main reasons behind giving ourselves away this next year in Wilsonville.

Second, I was incredibly encouraged when I came across the following quote from a new book I’ve just begun reading entitled The Trellis and the Vine: The Ministry Mind-Shift that Changes Everything:

We must be exporters of trained people instead of hoarders of trained people. . . . [O]ur view of gospel work must be global as well as local: the goal isn’t church growth (in the sense of our local church expanding in numbers, budget, church-plants and reputation) but gospel growth. If we train and send workers into new fields (both local and global), our local ministry might not grow numerically but the gospel will advance through these new ministries (25-26).

Season of Prayer Week 5
While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them." So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off. Acts 13:2-3

In our 5th week of our 6 weeks of prayer and fasting, we are focusing on praying for our church's effort to plant new churches. The Lord has given us a vision to double the number of evangelical churches in West Linn and beyond that to touch our region with the gospel through church planting. Would you pray today that:
  • God would prepare our church for the next church plant.
  • God would empower us to reach out to our community in new and exciting ways.
  • God would soften hearts and draw unbelievers to Himself.
  • God would provide a church planting pastor to the lead the next church plant.