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Launch Day!

We're very excited about the new face on the New Life Church website.  

Thank you

It reminds me how much Ken and Joanne Weiss did for New Life Church for so many, many years. Ken and Joanne -- Thank you!

And, likewise, Andie Reavely has labored to get us ready for launch. Many of the pictures came from her camera. She also configured page after page to get them looking "just so," over-ruling my bad taste decisions on a number of occasions! Andie -- Thank you!

Features to Note

Banners: Obviously the banner at the top of the home page rotate, but they also link to various parts of the site. This is where upcoming events, sermon series and feature ministries will go. 

Forms: We can create sign-up forms with unbelievable ease.

Location Pages: We have separate calendars, sermon pages, life group pages as well as highlighting local outreach for each campus.

Ministries Page: I love how this page loads in my browser. I just have to say. 

Kickers: Most pages have images at the bottom that link to some useful information or a sign-up form. 

Amazon Links: If you click on any Amazon book or resource on this site, our affiliate like will pre-load, so you can support the church by buying through links on the site without even thinking about it. 

Integrated Blog: If you are reading this, you've found it. The blog now is on the site and looks like the rest of the site! 

Coming Features

Members Section: We had to launch without a members section, but it will have the features the old one had including artwork and a church directory. 

Events and Announcements: We will be able to create pages as we need them for events and announcements. We'll no longer need to use the blog for that. This will be much nicer and the blog will be more of a blog, too. 

Podcast(s): We've had a singular podcast that streamed all the messages together. We'll get these pulled apart so you can subscribe to your favorite preacher and receive only their sermons onto your device.  

The Foyer: This is a little more conceptual, but we'd love to have a classifieds, or Craigslist, type page so members can trade goods and services and help one another out! 

Videos: Videos will be much easier with the new site. Hopefully you'll see some soon, including training videos. 

While there might be more, I'm going to leave it at that and hope you enjoy the new site, come back often and mention it to your friends. 

If you have comments, suggestions or things you'd like to see -- now would be a time when they would really help us. Please leave them in the comments.