Update and Prayer Request from Pastor Nathan

I just came out of Mainland into Macau last night. The time in Mainland was good. We met behind locked doors for 5 days with 23 leaders representing 7 different "house churches". The group was meeting together to study a missions course called Kairos. They broke onto three groups (pastors, 2nd generation leaders, and women who were new to the faith). The leaders worshipped with great joy and passion. They also prayed with much vehemence for the unreached nations of the earth.

I got to hear testimonies from about 10 different leaders. Their stories were precious. Some faced family ostracising, others have faced government interference, and all of them had battle through the false world view they were raised under to come to faith in Christ. What a precious time I had with those leaders. I will never forget the experience!

I am now I'm Macau where I will be preaching twice tomorrow. Then I will be off to Taiwan first thing Monday morning. Please pray for God to give many open door to share the gospel with students there. Pray I would be led by the spirit with boldness and clarity in my sharing.

With much love to my Western brothers and sisters,


P.S. This picture is of two Chinese students here in Macau. Wendy became a Christan as a student here, but William is not yet a Christian. He is hanging around Christians and asking lots of questions, even of me today. He wants to hear me preach tomorrow and talk more after the service. Please pray that Jesus would save him!

Judy CComment