Photos and Update from Macau

I (Pastor Nathan) had a delightful time in the large Asian nation that you were praying so much for. We passed safely into Macau on Friday.
The weekend in Macau was tough but good at the same time. I came down with some sort of stomach flew and felt really lousy the whole time I was there. However, God gave me the strength to preach twice and share the gospel with an unsaved student.
I got to preach at the combined worship service of Great Love and Great Praise Church on Sunday morning here in Macau.

On Sunday evening I got to preach at Great Hope Church, where Paul Mayhugh is still officially the Senior Pastor. The people love Paul in this whole region. They say He is more Chinese than most Chinese. They really miss Paul and Diana, and they really miss Paul's leadership in the mission here.

Yesterday I traveled to Taiwan where I am meeting with several international students. They greeted me so warmly! Even made this sign for me!

Please pray for the young people the photo of the four students. Gina came to Christ while attending Marylhurst last year. She needs to get connected to a body of believers here. Saxon was my conversation partner who really is a go getter. We have many students in West Linn through his influence. Pray He will come to Christ and lead many others to Christ! Gina's boyfriend is Kelvin. Not sure if he is a believer. Saxon's girlfriend is Fion. She is not a believer, but her Father is. This may be an open door! Pray, pray, pray!