Pastor Nathan in Asia- Day 1 & 2

Hello Church Family,

I have now been in Asia for two days. Thanks so much for praying for me! Below is a summary of the first two days and some ways to pray:

Day 1:

I arrived here safely in Hong Kong last night after nearly 24 hours of travel. Thanks so much for praying for safety. I have had a great day today without any troube from jetlag. I met with three different pastors today and one lay leader (a man who Paul Mayhugh discipled). The three pastors have all been involved in church planting (2 Chinese and one Philippino). It is so cool to hear the stories of how God's Kingdom is expanding around the world! One Chinese pastor shared with me about how God began the work of our denomination here in Hong Kong in 1963. By God's grace there are now 14 Chinese Churches and 1 Philipino Church in the association of churches. Another Chinese pastor shared about how his church has birthed three daughter churches here in Hong Kong. The Philipino pastor shared that missionaries from World Venture first came to the Philippines because they had been kicked out of a very large Asian nation during the cultural revolution. There are now over 600 churches in the Philipino association. The Philipinos are now sending "missionaries" back to this large Asian nation! How cool it is that God has a plan even when we can't see it

Day 2:

Today I attended two different churches. In the morning I attended the 14th anniversary celebration of one of the churches. The service was in Chinese, but I was able to get the gist of it. The pastor preached about the story from Joshua of Caleb asking to take the land with the giants. Even though he was 80 years old, he claimed to be as strong and vigorous as he was when he was 40 years old. The secret to his strength and boldness was that "his heart was fully devoted to the Lord." I always think of Pastor Bill when I read that passage. As he approaches his 80th birthday this fall, he is as effective in the work of the Lord as when he was 40! In addition to the sermon the church had heart felt worship and lively fellowship. We shared a potluck meal together after worship. I tried several traditional dishes which I had never seen before. The strangest thing I ate was chicken feet! The church asked me to be one of the honorary cake cutters. What a sweet bunch of people.

In the afternoon I attended the Philipino church plant of the Philipino pastor I mentioned yesterday. Their worship was lively (singing to the Lord with Tamborines as the Psalms tell us to). The congregation is made up of mostly young women who are serving as domestic helpers in homes here in Hong Kong. There is a business as mission venture here that helps the women get trained, get to Hong Kong, and find placements. Then the church reaches out to these women with the gospel. Many are coming to Christ and being discipled!

Prayer Requests:

  • Tomorrow morning I and a couple of Chinese pastors will be crossing into another very large Asian nation. Please pray for our safety particularly around 2:00 PM Sunday PDX time. I will be there for 5 days and I am not sure if I will have internet access.

  • Pray that I would be an encouragement to pastors and church leaders here.

  • Pray for devine appointments to share the gospel. Pray that I would be bold and courageous. Pray that I would be led by the Spirit.

  • Please pray for peace, joy, and patience for my family while I am gone.

Thanks again for praying!

Pastor Nathan

Nathan PylateComment