24 Hours of Praye for New Life Church

Hello Church Family,

I am so excited for the start of 24 Hours of Prayer (9 AM Saturday to 9 AM Sunday). If you are signed up to pray, thanks so much! If you haven't signed up, choose an hour and join in. Here are a few reminders about how 24 Hours of Prayer will work:

  • You can pray in the comfort of your own home!
  • The person with the hour before you will call you to pass off prayer to you.
  • You will call the person(s) with the hour after you to pass off prayer to them.
  • If there is more than one of you praying during an hour, talk with that person about who will pass off prayer to the next hour.
  • Use the prayer guide you received at church to provide content to pray about.
  • Enjoy spending time with God!
If you can't remember when you signed up, or who you are supposed to call to pass off prayer to when you are done, feel free to email me at npylate@newlifenw.com.

Thanks so much!

Pastor Nathan
Nathan PylateComment