Update Wednesday Night Life Series

Ignite Youth Ministries (the high school ministry of New Life Church) is taking a brief hiatus from our current series on Wednesday nights. The question "Why don't I feel close to God?" led to the issue of faithfulness in marriage, which is too important a topic for teens to rush past. Faithfulness in marriage for a teen starts now in the area of sexual purity. So you see below that we will be taking the month of February (Valentine's month) to discuss the negative impact of pornography and pre-martial sex on a teen's future marriage. We want them to guard their hearts now against these temptations so that they will experience God's best later on. Here's where we've been and where we're going:

1. How do I know God loves me? - January 14, 2009
2. What does God expect from me? - January 21, 2009
3. Why don't I feel close to God? - Feburary 4, 2009
- Negative Impact of Pornography - February 11, 2009
- Negative Impact of Pre-marital Sex - February 18, 2009
- Q & A about pornography, sex, marriage, etc. - February 25, 2009
4. What breaks God's heart? - March 4, 2009
5. How can I be close to God? - March 11, 2009
6. Is it worth it to serve God? - March 18, 2009
No Wednesday Night Life during Spring Break - March 25, 2009
After the month of February, we will finish our 6-week series in the book of Malachi entitled Q & A with God just in time for Spring Break. You won't want to miss a single week!
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