On The Ground

We had a safe trip to Italy without any mishaps. We all wish we could have slept more than we did and we are still behind on our sleep.

We went to prayer meeting initially and were proud to have stayed awake. Well, Marcia is most honest, she said she dozed once. The next day we all got lessons in Italian.

We have had a sweet reunion with old friends and Aaron and Amanda have made many new ones. My first appointment was with a young man, Valerio, who showed me our church website and blog -- he had them in his favorites!

This morning we passed out literature at the market. We gave away the gospel of John and a tract about soccer. They did win the World Cup here, you know. It was amazing and sad how many people, who when asked, "Would you like some good news?" said "No, thank you."

Dan has translated Pastor Bill's men's workbook into Italian and is excited about starting a men's group with it! We will be with him this evening when he makes two more invitations.

Aaron and Amanda have a youth event this evening. They are expecting one of the biggest crowds they have ever had here. Please pray for them.

BTW, Anna & Michele's son, Marco, will be leading a few Continental Singers concerts in Oregon this weekend. You can find out times and locations here. Type in Oregon and search.

Stephanie Rogers will join us for church tomorrow. She and a friend are touring Europe looking at Christian ministries here, and tomorrow she'll be joining us.
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