We're back from our vacation in Wibaux

Even the people in Wibaux, they agree with me about my vacation destination: Wibaux, Dead End.

Here is a picture of our bathtub. Note the color of the water -- BEFORE the bath. It is bad enough not to be able to take a shower, but to try to get clean in this water. . . well, it is the kind of thing that makes a vacation memorable.

We branded 176 calves last Monday.

You can imagine what branding does to the calves. This is what branding did to me.

I've spoken about the weather in Wibaux before. This time I brought proof.

Even though our vacation does usually have several downsides, there are some good things, too. We were able to see Nick, Terri, and Sadie Stevenson in Medora, ND. They moved from our church to Dickinson, ND last summer and have a spot in the hearts of several in our church.

The country has a few beautiful features that the city can't touch. Here are a few:
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