Katrina Team Update #2

Team with the junk they cleaned from the parkMonday we were working in the park and a woman named Eleanor came and started talking with us. She had contacts with the Boys and Girls Club of Pass Christian. Half the team went to talk with the leaders of the club. They were hesitant at first and told us we had to be generic and not talk about Jesus. But they gave us the OK. More than 2o kids came today from the Boys and Girls Club for a total of over 50! On top of that, the leaders from the club even participated in the songs and actions.

In the afternoon we are renovating the park we are doing Sports Camp in each morning. If anyone has great ideas for park renovations please comment.

Please pray for our health, a few aren't feeling so well. Please pray for effective ministry at Sports Camp, the Lord seems to be giving us an unusual opportunity. Please pray for the kids attentiveness during the rally. It is really hot and there are a lot of them. Please pray that we will all be encouragers. Please pray we will be good stewards of the project money we have been given to use. Thank you.

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