Mailboxes, Etc.

One of the unique things about our church is that we've had mailboxes for every family in the church. No one I've ever known has ever seen that in any other church.

But, now that many families will be worshipping down the street at our Robinwood location and no longer here to check their boxes, it will not be near as good a tool. No longer will we be able to stick something in the boxes that goes to all the men, or women, or young people. I've thought of a few options for us.
  1. Build new boxes at the Robinwood location and continue to use them as before. The only problem is that we distance will make that difficult and it only prolongs the inevitable. If we start a new location in a rental facility we won't be able to hang a similar mailbox and then what?
  2. Use them only at Riverfalls. This still doesn't address how we'll communicate with everyone.
  3. Discontinue them altogether at all locations. Well. . . They have been very useful in communicating and building community. If we discontinue them, what will we replace that communication with?
  4. ??????? -- We really need some good input on this. If you have any ideas about what to do with the boxes, I would love to hear it. Please put it in a comment here and we'll look for a good solution. Thank you.
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