Day of Prayer and Fasting

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Today is the first Wednesday of the month, the day that we designate as a day of prayer and fasting. If ever we needed to call out to the Lord for help, it’s now. Not only do we have unswerving confidence that he welcomes us, he hears us, and he stands ready to help – we have a great need.

What God has done this past month since our last day of prayer has been absolutely breathtaking. It is so obvious that the work has been accomplished by him and not by us that it gives me great confidence to ask again.

As you probably know,  Canby First Baptist Church chose not to join us in planting a church in Canby. That means we are back to the drawing board on what the next steps might be. We are reassessing the opportunity to plant a church in Canby. Please pray that God would make the direction clear and the way straight for the next New Life Church plant.

In addition, we have been approached by an experienced church planter (he’s planted five churches already). His salary is being paid for two years by another church we know and trust. He approached us to see if he could plant a Hispanic church for New Life Church in our Wilsonville building. Who gets a request like that? Again, please pray that we will discern the Lord’s will and that he will make the way straight. There is every reason to be excited about this!

You might think I’m avoiding perhaps the clearest and most impressive work of God in this past month. You may be aware that God has brought forty or so people to New Life Church as they exit a cult. Over thirty have been baptized in the past two months.

Please pray that we will love and serve them well. Pray they will quickly feel  part of the church. And pray that God would be pleased to draw many more away from their former experience.

Other than that, there is just the usual...(Nope, wrong again!) We are planning to go to two services in West Linn after the first of the year. Please pray that we will do that well and that the church would be blessed by this change.

There are, too, the normal things in church life that concern us all. We have many who have a serious physical needs. Please pray that God would heal them. Please pray for marriages New Life Church to be strong and filled with love and hope. Please pray we will all stand strong in faith!

Oh, I almost forgot. We are still waiting on the sale of our Robinwood building. Please pray that the buyer would be approved by the city of West Linn quickly and that we will finalize the sale soon.

This is the strangest prayer letter I've ever written. God is clearly at work here. Thank you for joining us in asking for more!

Scott ReavelyComment