These past four weeks we've done our best to connect the gospel of Jesus Christ to the questions of our day. It hasn't been perfect. We've left things out. We've only dealt with part of the issues. I thought it might be worthwhile to share with you some of the articles I've read about these issues. Below are links to some of the articles I collected and read. Some are Christian. Some are not. Some are explicit. Some are tame. Some are about recovering, some are about preventing. 

I cut the number of links by about half, trying to keep those that may be most helpful.  I hope these links, like the series itself, will help you talk with your friends about the good news and hard questions. 

ASK #1: Is it okay to ask?

ASK #2: Are we going to be blown up?

ASK #3: How do I navigate a polarized world?

ASK #4: Who is next? How do I live in a sexually charged world?

ASK #5: How did #MeToo become person of the year? is the most moving of all of these links, in my humble opinion).


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