English Lessons, Workshops, and Games

June 27, 2017

We had another day filled with English lessons, workshops, and games. We played a fun afternoon game called “Ultimate What” where we played Ultimate Frisbee with a volleyball, banana, head of lettuce, fish, octopus, and cat food instead of a Frisbee! All the kids and the building stunk after that – but we all enjoyed it. Later that night we played a murder mystery set up by the Slovene helpers. The kids ran around to different actors asking questions and obtaining warrants for searching apartments. All the Slovenes and Americans had a great time!

June 28, 2017

Today, we had a morning similar to the last couple of days. But this afternoon, we had another crazy storm so we had lots of fun playing foursquare in the rain, playing games inside, and painting nails. And yes, even the boys painted their nails! Tonight, we look forward to relaxing and watching a movie with everyone. The kids are very excited to get American candy, popcorn, and soda.

A big prayer request right now is for energy! Everyone is physically and emotionally drained, and Marcia has a sore throat. And, don’t forget about our prayer calendar. We are talking about sin tonight and the Gospel tomorrow; please pray discussions go well.  Thanks to everyone who has already been praying for us. We really appreciate it!