Riverfalls Women's Tea

Just in case you missed it, on Saturday May 2, a surprisingly beautiful Riverfalls basement was filled with tea, delicious food and New Life women.

We began the afternoon by hearing the stories of several Riverfalls women who had been brought near to God, and ended by recognizing that when God called us to Himself, He also brought us near to each other.

Marcia Reavely spoke to the group reminding us that while we might be well aware that God has brought us individually near to Himself, we are sometimes remiss in our responsibility to each other. In order to better experience and understand the fullness of Christ’s love for us, the many dimensions of it, we must be living together with all the saints. As an interdependent body of broken people, we are meant to walk together.

Just as things were cruising along nicely, Amanda Maricle took what had been a very pleasant afternoon and made us a bit uncomfortable as she called us to step out of our comfort zone with the Starbucks Date Challenge. Those who were willing to accept the challenge, put their names into a drawing. Two randomly paired women were given a Starbucks gift card and charged to set a coffee date. Fifty-six women accepted the challenge.