New Library Books at Riverfalls

Children’s Library

DVD - Adventures in ODYSSEY - A Call to Something More

I Can Read Books

· Jesus Feeds the People (MY FIRST) Reading

· The Prodigal Son (1) Beginning Reading

· Noah and God’s Great Promise (2) Reading with Help


Teen’s Library

Just the Way I Am (God’s Good Design in Disability) by Krista Horning

Little Pilgrim’s Progress (from John Bunyan’s Classic) by Helen L. Taylor

Red Rock Mysteries - Stolen Secrets—2 by Jerry B. Jenkins

The Young Underground

           1 - A Way Through the Sea by Robert Elmer

           2 - Beyond the River by Robert Elmer

Focus on the Family - The Christy Miller Series

           2 - A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn

           3 - Yours Forever by Robin Jones Gunn

The Allison Chronicles

           Book 1 - On Hope’s Wings by Melody Carlson

           Book 2 - Cherished Wish by Melody Carlson


Main Library

GRACE by Max Lucado

What the BIBLE is all About by Henrietta C. Mears



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