Update #5 from Anna in Slovenia

Hello, everyone!!!

My days in Slovenia are numbered. It's so hard to accept, but today marks the last four days I am in my town of Radovljica before we take off to a three day intern-debrief in the Northern Slovene Mountains. These past two months have literally flown by so fast. It feels like yesterday that I hopped off a plane and met the JV team here in Slovenia.

It's truly been an honor to become a part of this community here. The JV staff, pastoral family, and church members have welcomed Laura-Paige and I with open arms and full hearts. Their leadership, teaching, and training has guided us through this summer of ministry. I will not easily forget them and their family's hospitality and generosity.

That being said, there are still a few more events coming up before we take off! Tomorrow, Monday, we'll be hosting a sleepover for all the girls who came to camp. Please be praying for this time. Pray that we'll be able to take hold of this last opportunity to speak directly into their lives and share the love of Christ with these girls.

Pray specifically for a girl named Nina. I've been able to have a weekly bible study with her, and tomorrow would be our last opportunity to meet up (before the sleepover). However, transportation is proving difficult, as she lives an hour away. Please be praying that transportation will work itself out. Pray that she'll be allowed to come and that this last bible study can take place before I leave. Pray against any obstacles Satan tries to put up. We know that God is in control, and whatever happens, it is for a purpose. Please be praying for this though.

Also. Please be praying for our goodbye party on the 6th! This could very easily turn into an emotional time for some of these kids. However, Laura-Paige and I are praying that their hearts will turn to the Creator. Instead of being sad that they might not ever see us again, we're praying that they'll realize we can all be connected in a much deeper, and lasting, way - through Christ.

Please pray for intern debrief. That it'll be a restful and impactful three days of reflection and processing. Most of the interns will head home from here, but I'll be flying to the Czech Republic to spend two weeks with friends from last year! The same people the short-term team worked with not even a month ago! I am very excited to be reunited with these friends. Pray for protection and guidance as I travel alone, and for a restful two weeks! I am so honored to be welcomed back into that community as well!!

Thank you all for your constant prayers. I don't know if you really realize how much it means. Indescribable. Thank you.

I can't believe I'm leaving this place :'(

In Christ,
Anna Alcutt