Praying for Gospel Night at Camp in Slovenia

Hey, guys!!!

Quick update: Today and tomorrow are gospel nights here at camp! As well as sharing the gospel and personal testimonies upfront during the next two Evening Programs, we are looking for as many opportunities as possible to share the gospel individually with these kids. We hope that through conversations students will begin to take small steps in faith. Please be praying for boldness to share the good news with the students. Pray for our camp speaker, Jim, as he prepares to share the gospel tonight and tomorrow. Some of these kids have never heard the gospel before, so we're praying for open, soft hearts.

Also, I will be sharing my own personal testimony with my English class today, and tomorrow. Please pray that my students will be able to connect with God through my story. Pray that it is relatable, concise, and that God uses it to impact these kids' lives.

Pray for Janus: pray against distractions
Pray for Katja: pray against apathy
Pray for Nina: that she will engage and connect with God
Pray for Tija: that her relationship with Christ will be encouraged (she's the only believer in my class)
Pray for Miha: that he'll participate and feel his need for a Savior
Pray for Vid: that he'll understand his depravity and also feel his need for Christ
Pray for Manca: pray against indifference

I've had some amazing conversations with the two believers in my room about what it looks like to follow Christ. Their names are Tija and Satja! Pray that God will continue to encourage them through the evening talks!

That's all for now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

In Christ,
Anna Alcutt