Library Books

Thanks to your generous donation of gently used books we have added the following to the library shelves:

Unleashing God’s Word in Your Life by John MacArthur

Evangelism Outside the Box by Rick Richardson

How to Talk about Jesus Without Freaking Out by Jim & Karen Covell

An Introduction to Homiletics by Donald E. Demaray

How to Read BIBLE Aloud by Jack C. Rang

Organic Community by Joseph R. Myers

The Wholehearted MARRIAGE by Dr. Greg Smalley

The Prophets of Israel by Leon J. Wood

Ten Years Later by George Barna

Beyond the Bible by Howard L Marshall

Evangelism for the Rest of Us by Mike Bechtle

When Sinners Say "I DO" by Dave Harvey

Thirsty for GOD by Bradley P. Holt

Living by the Book by Howard G. Hendricks

Taking back the Gospel by Bailey Smith


Kim BrandstetterComment