Dealing with Temptation

I love reading through the Bible. I just started over yesterday. Much to my delight, Layne decided she wanted to as well. She announced at the breakfast table, "I read about the temptation of Eve and the temptation of Jesus both today in my Bible reading."

"I did, too," I replied.

I couldn't help but notice that both the temptation of Jesus and the temptation of Eve had to do with food. Yet Jesus and Eve responded very differently. Their responses, however, weren't about the food.

Tempted with food...always!

Tempted with food...always!

The difference in their response was their confidence in God's word. Satan misquoted God's word to Eve (Genesis 3:1) and then she further misrepresented it (Genesis 3:3). Jesus, on the other hand, responded to his temptation with a quick and accurate quotation of God's word (Matthew 4:4). When Satan then tried to twist the scripture for Jesus, He came back with another faith-filled and accurate response (Matthew 4:6-7).

Your confidence and stability in God's word is your protection against temptation. Plain and simple, God means what he says in Psalm 119:11, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."

Scott ReavelyComment