Paid In Full!

I have some good news I want to share with you. As you may have read in the newsletter last week, the church met and exceeded our budget for 2013. That is super-good news because it indicates not only that God is faithful in providing for our church, but that we have many people who are stewarding their resources like disciples of Jesus might steward their resources. So, thank you!

But, I have more good news…

It began in our September Elder meeting. We were trying to decide if the church would like to buy a neighboring house that was for sale. That had been part of our strategy years ago before we had multiple congregations. In talking about it, we realized we are in a different place now as a church.

You recall we bought the church property in Wilsonville from CB Northwest in 2012 and they were carrying the contract.

Our main need was to pay off the Wilsonville building, not buy another house. The only reason we'd buy the house was to generate new money so we could pay of the Wilsonville property. But, that was obviously an extra step. And, we didn't have enough money to buy the house anyway. So, we thought, why not use what money we do have and offer to match gifts that people would give toward paying down the mortgage on the Wilsonville church building.

Possibly we could pay down part of it this year and next and year by year. That way we wouldn’t have a major expense at the end when we the note came due in 2017. We figured, “worst case scenario,” we'd use up all our cash and pay the whole thing off, but "worst case scenario" we had enough for that. So, that's what we decided to do.

Beginning in late November we asked the church to give toward the Wilsonville building before the end of 2013 and we'd match it. So, I want to tell you how that push ended up.

It is important that you know that people from all three congregations gave generously. And so…later this month, because of the generosity of the people at New Life Church and the kindness of God we will send CB Northwest a check for the entire mortgage and it will be PAID IN FULL!

What does this mean to us? It means that while we still intend to be gracious hosts and landlords for Victory Academy, we do not need them to pay our mortgage for us anymore! It means we will save nearly $30,000/year we would have paid on the mortgage! It means CB Northwest will be able to continue their work on the pavilion at Camp Tadmor. And, it means we will, sometime this year, have an inexpensive all-church retreat at Camp Tadmor as their way of thanking us for paying off the mortgage early.

So, thank you, New Life Church.  Thank you Lord.

Scott ReavelyComment