Brazil in Bolivia

Today we flew to Santa Cruz, where we connected with a Bolivian Church which has a Brazilian ministry, Iglesia Bautista Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Baptist Church). The church leaders hosted a BBQ for us. Bruce connected with the Brazilian church leaders in a significant way.

The partnership possibilities are very exciting! The leaders tell us that nearly 6,000 new Brazilian University Students arrive in Santa Cruz every semester. The same is true in all four of the biggest cities in Bolivia. There is a very real potential for reaching these students for Christ, discipling them, and sending them back as missionaries to Brazil and other places around the world.

Tonight we attended the Brazilian service and had dinner with their leaders. Tomorrow Bruce will teach a Sunday School class and I will give a 15 minute talk during the service about missions (I'm very excited!).

On a side note, Julie got to use her Spanish skills more than ever today. She worked in the kitchen with the women and formed a friendship with several of the youth of the church. As I write this note she is out shopping with her new friends.

We appreciate your prayers so much!

Nathan and Julie Pylate

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