Meet Celia

Today was a relational day. We spent lots of time understanding what the missionaries do here, meeting their families, and hearing about their joys and struggles. The highlight of the day was meeting Celia.

Celia is the mother of Mrs. Orruzo, who we met yesterday. She shared about her family coming to faith in Christ many years ago when Evangelical missionaries first came to Bolivia. She told of going to a public outdoor worship service and being pelted with  fruit and vegetables by people who were against followers of Jesus. As a seven year old girl she was pelted so hard that she started to cry. When she started to look back at who threw it at her, her father said words she will never forget, "Christians never look back, they only move forward!"

This evening we visited another church with a volleyball ministry. The pastor shared about how young people are coming to Christ through this ministry. So encouraging!

Please pray for Bruce. He had to sit out much of the day with an upset stomach. Pray that he will recover tomorrow and be able to participate in the ministry. Also, we fly to another city on Saturday, and he will need strength for the journey. Ciao for now!

Nathan and Julie


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