Prayer Week

What a blessing prayer week has been to me personally. Thursday night at Grace Chapel  was exciting. It was wonderful to be in the room with a couple hundred believers from other churches asking God to bring revival. Wednesday night saw several from New Life Church walking up and down Old Town Willamette asking God what he might have for us with respect to starting a congregation there someday.

The first of our prayer meetings at New Life Wilsonville.

The highlight for me was Tuesday night. I remember going to prayer meetings because I was supposed to. The sense of obligation drove me when actual faith didn't. I remember some of those prayer meetings when I was 20 years the junior of anyone else who came. That was not the case Tuesday! I was the fourth oldest person there. No, I should make it clear I'm not rejoicing in my advanced age...but in the fact that the room was full of young people and even small children. Nothing gives me hope for the future like young people who pray!

Scott Reavely1 Comment